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Our enterprise plans offer performance level guarantees, service level guarantees, high-volume discounts and white-glove support

What is an hpu?

Hydra Processing Units (HPU) are how we calculate the cost for each model invocation. Models that use text and data as the input cost one HPU per invocation. Models that use documents as the input costs three HPUs per page. And, models that use audio or video files as the input costs ten HPUs per minute. Processing documents, audio and video files costs more because it takes more compute and memory to run those models.

What is a model?

You can use Hydra to extract data from forms, predict how your users are going to behave, whether a document contain PII and more. These predictions are made by models that you can create on Hydra. Hydra models can monitor your help desk, content management system or customer data platform and make predictions on based on the data. You case use these predictions to trigger workflows and execute various automations.

how many users do i need?

On Hydra, you need a user account to login and create models. However, you don’t need a user account to invoke these models and get predictions. For example, one user can login to Hydra and create a model to prioritize help desk tickets inside Zendesk. And, you can have all your Zendesk users create tickets that will be monitored and prioritized by Hydra. So, in most cases you can start with just one user.

how does the support work?

We provide support through our community forum for starter and pro plans. If you are on our business plan we are available through email and chat during business hours. We offer custom support options for our enterprise customers. We are committed to helping you get the most out of Hydra whichever plan you are on. So, we offer weekly stream sessions where anyone can work with our product team on how to best use the platform.

What is a Performance level guarantee?

Certain mission-critical deployments of Hydra need a high level of prediction accuracy. We offer performance level agreements (PLA) to enterprise customers with mission-critical workloads. Through our PLAs we offer fanatical support to tune and maintain your models at the expected accuracy level.

Are there any high volume discounts?

Yes, please get in touch to learn more about high-volume discounts.

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