Power of A.I. at Your Disposal

Hydra helps anyone build machine learning models as easily as building a landing page

data pipelines

Seamlessly Source Data from Inside & Out

  • Native Connectors
  • Real-time or Batched Pulls
  • Data Filters
  • User or Org based Auth
  • Data Enrichment
  • Configurable Schemas
  • Fault Tolerant
  • Burst Support

Hydra provides native connectors to a large number of popular applications. You can pick a scanner template, load example data, train and deploy a model through a step by step wizard. Hydra’s data filters allow users to be in full control of the data used for training and inference by defining inclusion and exclusion filters.

Introduce more color and clarity to your source data by automatically enriching them with our company, people and places datasets. Hydra can automatically enrich your data as they come-in to help build more robust machine learning models. Hydra can automatically discover the important attributes from your data, or for more advanced users, allow overriding the attributes through custom schemas.

Data integrations tend to get messy sometimes. There are challenges including system failures, API rate limitations and data duplications. Hydra is fault tolerant and designed to be able to automatically recover from many of these issues and function at full capacity.

machine learning

Custom A.I. with a Few Clicks

  • Automatic Algorithm Selection
  • Automatic Feature
  • Automatic Optimization
  • Trainer UI

Hydra automatically selects the best algorithm for the scanner based on your data, industry and the scanner task. This abstracts away the technical complexity so you can focus on the business task at hand.

Hydra learns on the job. The platform routinely re-trains to improve it’s predictions. Our trainer UI empowers users to go in and further train scanners to optimize the behavior for their specific business case.

Identifying the characteristics that truly influence the final outcome is a challenge when there are so many different characteristics to consider. Hydra automatically discovers and factors-in the key data characteristics. So, you don’t have to guess.


Trigger Processes Based on Insights

  • Broadcast Insights
  • Execute Workflows

Broadcast Hydra predictions to business applications where your employees work.

Hydra's delivers predictions in realtime or on a set schedule using native connectors to a range of popular business applications.

Automatically trigger business processes, or share predictions with everyone in your team wherever they work. Hydra helps everyone in your team to have a shared understanding about your customers & prospects.

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