Artificial Intelligence at Your Finger Tips

Hydra helps businesses unleash the power of data without a team of data scientists

Hydra makes our sales team wildly efficient and effective. It blends into the background, scans data from both inside and outside sources and points to the opportunities we should focus on.

Our AEs and SDRs didn’t have to learn a new system. Hydra pushes scores & insights to SalesForce and Slack. It feels like we added 20 new support staff to our sales team.

- Mark Williams, Head of Sales

It was very frustrating to have all this data about our customers and not really be able to use it to help us move the needle. Analyzing this data was a very time consuming process. There were a lot of linked excel sheets.

Hydra connects all our systems, parses the data, identifies the patterns and combines all the signals from everywhere to come-up with a holistic score in real-time! 

- Cory Wang, Revenue Marketing

The most valuable asset any organization has is their know-how. How do you identify a good prospect based on their background,  the type of interactions they have with our channels, or their questions? It takes a while for anyone to get a hang of this.

Hydra helps us capture and codify this know-how. It learns and internalizes how our best performing reps evaluate and prioritize opportunities and guides everyone else to do the same.

- John Morgan, CEO

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