Look for Revenue Inside & Out

Find hot prospects, find up-sells, prevent churn

Help Desk

Prevent Churn

Best path to revenue is retaining your existing customers. It’s hard to be in the know about how your customers think and feel when you have a growing customer base. Churn doesn’t just happen. There are signals of churn that drip over time. You can scan your help desk tickets with Hydra to discover churn signals and proactively engage customers who are trending towards churn.


Flag High Value Leads

You got a number of emails from prospects. If you are like most of the diligent sales professionals, you will look-up the prospects on LinkedIn, research their companies, look for news or any related information and try to assess which ones are high value opportunities and which are not. All this is very time consuming. Hydra scanners can handle all that automagically and flag high value leads. So, the sales team can be wildly effective and focus on quality engagement, not online research.


Find Up-sell Prospects

Subtle hints of up-sell opportunities are sometimes hidden in customer questions. Especially if you can interpret these questions in the context of the customer and company background. Hydra scanners can analyze customer questions in the context of of customer and company to predict whether there is an up-sell opportunity hidden in a question.


Find Your In

Does anyone have a connection there? It’s a common question you hear from your sales folks almost everyday. Hydra’s LinkedIn scanner can look-up whether any of your team members are connected to a given prospect or the company. So, you can bring the power of your entire team’s network to find your in.


Find New Leads

Hiring data can be a goldmine for identifying new opportunities. But, who has the time to scour the internet to find these job posts, look-up companies and evaluate for opportunities. Hydra job posts scanner can do that automatically and just provide a digest of new leads based on their hiring.


Find the Right Time

Keeping tabs of your customers can really pay-off. Being in the know when there are new key hires, new funding rounds or new market moves can help your sales team get in touch at the right time. Hydra’s news scanners can help you keep tabs of your customers news to flag these opportunities. So, your team doesn’t have to ready hundreds of news sources each day.

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